Facebook is dead. Long live Meta.

You start killing the product and start launching the next product, lest your fate dry with the ink of the history books.

Remember, this is Zuck’s “iPhone moment.” The iPhone turned the wildly popular iPod into a mere app. It didn’t happen overnight, but it began happening as soon as Steve Jobs projected the writing on the wall.

Apple’s newborn cash calf in 2007, upheld by the hand & mind of its visionary

Whenever people want A Thing, there will always be a large group of people that want the Other Thing.

If you go against this, you’re doomed to fail. Watch this play out in cryptocurrency - there will be Bitcoin and then there will be the Othercoin. Inside the industry of a nascent market is a bubbling cesspool clamoring to be The Other. It is by definition a coherent response, a singular alternative.

Remember: ~38% of humans on Earth actively use Facebook.

The interconnected planetary network of our species is clearly visible from space to anyone looking

Now Steve Jobs is dead, Jony Ive has left, and Apple not only has no visionaries but it also has no guts.

I’ve spent my entire life admiring the round pegs in the square holes - the ones crazy enough to push the human race forward. I’ve enjoyed an incredible career at Apple over the past 6 years, but increasingly I find its expectation to be:

Think the same.

It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy
Big Tech is getting bigger by the moment


if they can muster the guts to start killing Facebook as they appear to be doing… if they can legitimately collaborate & innovate with the Others… if they can genuinely collaborate to be a truly interoperable platform… if they can go back to their roots and focus on product & market with near reckless disregard for profit

…they’ll have a good shot at the Next Big Thing.



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