Goodbye,  — Hello, 🌎

Todd P. Marco
3 min readMay 19, 2022


Today, with current events rattling through my head, I’ve decided to leave Apple.

I’ve had a few weeks of leave recently to reflect on the last 6+ years developing AirPods & more, and the past 2+ years doing so entirely from home with 2 young children and no extended family nearby.

Apple — and in fact the entire world economy — depends on ppl like me to do my job and to do it well.

It’s not easy. But no one ever said it was going to be.

It’s not always easy to do the right thing either. It can be especially challenging when doing the right thing… feels like the wrong thing for your career.

At great risk & consequence to my well-being, I have stood my ground above “the right thing,” not because it is the path of least resistance, but because it is the path towards higher potential.

I’m not referring to higher potential for me. Trust me, I’m towering high enough above the minimum wage workers of Cupertino, California. And them? In their homes? Even they tower high above those without a home. Without a dime. Without a goddamn bite to eat some days.

It’s for them, it’s for the marginalized, it’s for my young daughter, it’s for the rebels & misfits, it’s for all the people that have been or might otherwise be victimized by harassment, discrimination, and retaliation… it is for them that I am leaving Apple today.


Hello, Goodbye.

My wife used to work in Cupertino Union School District. My parents and my wife’s parents all worked in public education. Yet they’ve devoted themselves to education for a salary pathetically unmatched to their societal value. All in all, I can no longer stomach the grotesque wealth gap we have allowed to tear our nation & world apart.

I am leaving Apple. But I will miss it dearly. I am passionately excited about my next chapter, but I’ll remain a diehard fan till the end. I’ll look forward to watching from the virtual bleachers as Apple unveils the next chapter for the company.

I deeply & sincerely hope Apple finds its way back to what has always made Apple, Apple.

🤘 … ✌️

I am leaving Apple, but I will miss it dearly. From 2066 Crist Drive to Bandley 3 to MA1 to IL, to AP, to beyond… Goodbye, 



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