My gut reaction to this invention has taught me an intensely powerful lesson about human psychology. As an engineer whose success has depended almost entirely on a deep passion for audio and a persistent trusting of gut feeling, I expect this lesson to be strongly influential for my immediate course of action.

I am an electrical engineer and have spent my entire career focused on size & power constrained audio products, with a primary focus on switching amplifiers. If you love your AirPods then I share your love just as strongly, having helped develop every single pair of them.

I am highly cognizant of Nature's abundant, ubiquitous, ephemeral, dynamic, and powerful sources of energy. I am equally cognizant of Industry's ruthless, dominating, toxic, discriminatory, and powerful capitalistic control of energy.

I am a fellow engineer and inventor, and am currently in possession of compelling IP independent of my present employer. As I decide how to protect, develop, and share this novel IP, I find myself thinking heavily about the gut reaction I had when first encountering your invention and the way in which it is being marketed:

"Hmm that kind of makes sense... I wonder if there's something to this. Seems too good to be true though. I wonder why he's giving it away. Worth checking out, I guess. Ohh... $500. That's why - it's a scam. Shame. Got me excited for a minute..."


Sometimes I write things.

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