Oh Snap!

I’m talking, of course, about TLSA & SNAP, respectively.

Right now I’m firing some neurons for Evan Spiegel.

Capturing the moment [source]

I was here.

Capturing the moment is now competing with living the moment.

Yet, back then I carried a chunk of the future in my pocket.

Visions in camera are closer than they appear

“Man lives in an uneasy ocean of air continually agitated by the disturbances called sound waves. Much of our acoustical experience is involuntary, but the production of sounds that please as well as serve has been a proper concern of man ever since he learned to smile.”


“Imagine you’re in a coffee shop browsing the web on your iPhone. You come across a trailer for a new movie, hit full screen, and view it on a glorious 12” display. This is magic, of course, because the device in your hand only has a 6” screen. But nevermind that. Also nevermind that the audio from this device is filling the room with sound, loud sound, and surround sound no less!

But let’s move on, you have work to do, after all. You open your inbox to find a new email from a colleague with the latest rendering of your project design. You double click on the 3D file and it literally jumps off the screen for you to view from all angles, right there hovering in front of you.

Mind you, this is a confidential rendering of an unreleased product, hovering right there in plain sight at a crowded coffee shop. But don’t worry, when the other patrons glance your way, all they see is you holding a small iPhone with a blank screen. Of course, the magic is all in the AR headset you’re wearing.

The iPhone, in this case, is essentially a phantom display substrate and user interface tool. Sure, you can take off the headset and use the iPhone as a traditional 6” smartphone. But once you put on that headset, it transforms both the iPhone and the world around you, augmenting it in once unfathomable ways.

Both the iPhone and headset are outfitted with myriad sensors, including cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, altimeters, etc. There are no large physical screens here, but the palette is nearly infinite. Most of the horsepower is in the headset wearables, which includes earbuds, but a very low latency wireless link connects sensor data from the handset back to the headset in order to convincingly track device location & orientation.

This vision, if realized, would seem to offer the killer application to incorporate AR into our familiar modern computing paradigm, rather than simply being a tool to place phantom objects in virtual space. Only time will tell what will come to pass.”

A “privacy temple” is an important feature to protect in the Tech landscape. But that doesn’t mean the doors of the temple should be locked to trap people inside.

“Trust us, you can trust us.”

“So what if you don’t trust us?”

Google & Snap would be a mighty match.

I saw the future through this lens.

Yet still, somehow, Apple doesn’t seem to get it.

Elon Musk seems to get it.







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