Weightless mind on soaring wings

Weightless mind on soaring wings.
Heavy body above Apocalypse Earth.
Now dive down and pull the cord,
Hope the parachute works.

Life needs help like we need Earth.
We’ve lost our way and lost track of time.
Our eyes are fixed on broken screens.
Our minds are broken, we crave our fix.

Shotgun crucifix, see the sacrifice?
Set the controls for the heart of the soul.
Plunge the knife but don’t hesitate.
You’ve lost it all, you’ve given up.

Yes you are giving in, so now you are giving up.
1975, Y2K, 2012, now know hindsight is 2020.
Our vision is blurry, our minds are foggy.
We need spectacles to see this ridiculous spectacle.

Look through binoculars.
Look through the looking glass.
See where we err before we crash.
It’s not up to you, it’s up to us.
For God’s sake, it’s for the sake of


Android, humanoid, transhuman robovoid.
Space, time & energy; that is all there is.
E=m*c² ; ♾
No thought or sex, no cybersex.
Just you, union, and universe.
For one, for all, for ever & ever.

. . . _ _ _ . . .
Sink Our Ship
Save Our Souls
Be there, NOW!
Get in the fucking life boats.



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